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Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

I know it’s been a thousand months since I’ve written a blog post but this year has been insane and sometimes I just can’t do everything. So I’m going to give my best shot at making this posting thing a regular affair, but please don’t hold it against me if I don’t always follow through.

I feel constantly busy at the moment and when I’m constantly busy I am not very good at planning to eat, which doesn’t mean I go rouge and fall into eating ‘bad’ stuff, but it kind of means I pick, instead of eating proper meals, or I don’t really eat – which isn’t super ideal as then I can’t concentrate properly and I feel like a grumpy troll. So I’ve decided recently if I can’t organise myself enough (at the moment) to have proper meals, I at least need to have some good energising snacks that I can grab on the run at work. One of my go-to’s will always be the most delicious banana and pecan loaf – yum – but a week or so ago now I decided to mix up my usual bliss ball concoction and combine my favourite delights of chocolate and peanut butter … need I say more?!

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Choc Mint Smoothie

As christmas is sprinting towards us, I can’t help but think of chocolate and candy canes! I’m quite the fan of minty things, and chocolate things, and so combining the two I find is quite delightful. I know that for some the thought of chocolate and mint together is awful, as who would want to taint the beauty of chocolate with the taste of toothpaste?! But for those of you who do fancy the combo, I have whipped up a clean eating recipe for a chocolate and mint smoothie, it’s quite rich and very delectable. I hope you enjoy it! Continue reading “Choc Mint Smoothie”

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Sweet Georgia holy yums …

Did someone say salted caramel? Say no more. I’m in! My love for savoury/salty-sweet things began a few years ago when I was lucky enough to live in Galway on the west coast of Ireland. I LOVED IT THERE!!!

I spent a year in Galway, and amongst other things it was a year filled with meeting some of the most delightful and amazing people, a lot of rain (of course), hilarity, adventures, owning a bike painted like a cow – aka the ‘cow-cycle’, Guinness (I grew to like it!), cobbled streets, living an extremely carefree lifestyle and drinking an extreme amount of of tea. Some of my fondest memories come from Ireland – if you ever have the opportunity to visit, you most definitely should.

My life in Ireland was born whilst I was living in Paris. I was 21 and had arrived in France with a one-way ticket and not a lot of money. After living in Paris I wasn’t ready to move back to NZ, so after chatting with and Irish friend in France, and google image searching Cork and Galway, I decided that Galway looked pretty quaint and Irishy, so I went. That makes me sound like an extremely relaxed person and like I do things randomly on a whim – I actually don’t usually, although sometimes I wish I did. I must have been slightly mad at the time (not unlikely) and so my solo Irish adventure began.

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Snickers Slice and Photography … need I say more?

Last weekend I was lucky enough to spend some time with some very good and extremely talented friends of mine who also happen to be crazy good wedding photographers, check them out here: Tim Kelly Photography. Recently I purchased a new fancy-pants camera (a Canon 100D) partly because I like taking photos and wanted a decent camera, and partly so I could take some high quality food photos so not to blind you with shoddy images whilst you peruse my blog. The only flaw in my grand camera purchasing plan was that camera skills were extremely limited – thank god for auto mode. I LOVE my camera. It is relatively small and sleek, buuuuut unfortunately I wasn’t quite making the most of its whizz-bang functionalities.

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J’aime le chocolat

I like love chocolate. It is one of the world’s greatest pleasures. A few years ago I lived in Paris and I distinctly remember eating some of the most incredible chocolate from chocolatiers and deciding that I would never again eat processed, commercial chocolate, I would only treat myself to the ‘real’ stuff, that love and time had gone into. Well that resolution lasted all of a few months I think but over the past year I have made a conscious effort to buy less highly processed chocolate, and make more of my own. I know, make your own!! That’s what I thought, and no it’s not by melting chocolate buttons and remoulding them. I’m no saint, every now and then I fall into a packet of m&ms or a bar of Whittakers (yum) – who doesn’t?!– but on the whole, I try to make my own raw chocolate. It’s delicious, ‘real’ and lacks the processed, sugarfied nature of a lot of store bought stuff.

The recipe below is an adaptation from one off the Whole Pantry app – which actually no longer exists. You can make raw chocolate out of cacao butter as well, but I use coconut oil as I think it’s just as good and is a wee bit cheaper.

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