Blueberry, Chia Seed and Coconut Porridge

Oats are one of my most favourite things to eat. I love how simple they are, yet you can do so many amazing things to make them even more delicious, nourishing and filling. I feel like sometimes when you’re trying to eat healthy/clean and keep on top of things it can get a little overwhelming, especially as there are so many options – and some can be a little spendy. Porridge is a quick, easy and cheap way to start the day – or to enjoy at any point during the day for that matter – and you can be as creative as you like when trying different combinations.

Recently whilst I was on holiday – delightful – I stayed at my grandparents house and whenever I stay there I always have porridge. I, along with most of my family, have been eating porridge at my grandparents for as long as I can remember, mostly because my Grandad, without fail, has porridge every day for breakfast. Oats have a sort of comforting feeling about them because of my Grandad, and I can’t imagine straying from the norm of porridge when staying at the Grandies. The below concoction is one I threw together whilst I was away from home, but managed to suss the ingredients from my Granny’s pantry relatively easily.

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Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie

To continue on the Summer Smoothie Series, I couldn’t go any further without including a smoothie with my old faithful friend, peanut butter. As long as you buy a natural peanut butter, which is essentially a variety that only has crushed peanuts in it and perhaps a little salt, then peanut butter – like all nut butters – is actually really great for you. Life win! Full of good fats that your body knows how to process and packed with protein, you really can’t go wrong; I like to use Pic’s  peanut butter, which is a local NZ product and is suuuuper delicious!  The below smoothie isn’t too rich and is jammed with the savoury-sweet mix of peanut butter and banana, and is a great drink to make the night before and take to work/school/wherever your road takes you if you want a snack during the day.

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Berry and Maca Smoothie

I’m so excited that New Zealand is finally starting to get it’s summer on, and just in time for the Christmas holidays, yaaaay! I often don’t feel like a huge meal in the summer evenings and sometimes (lots of the time) I have snacked in the arvo so my fall back is a smoothie of some sort when I get home. I’m on a bit of a smoothie roll at the moment so perhaps this can be the second addition to my ‘Summer Smoothie Series’. I got home last night and was super tired so threw together a berry and maca smoothie before I fell into bed. It’s refreshing and full of good stuff, including maca powder which is excellent for you! Maca is packed with a whole bunch of great health properties and assists in balancing hormones which is always a bonus, right? When I first started using maca powder I found it had a bit of an unusual taste, which I am now used to and quite like, but if you’re new to the maca world, I’d suggest perhaps halving the amount of maca powder below to begin with and up it as your taste buds adapt. Smoothies are great for brekkie, snacks, or a light meal, have them as you please. Also having a smoothie post exercise is a great way to replace some lost (good for you) sugars, and if you use milk that is a little higher in protein (nut milks) or if you add some natural protein powder to replenish your muscles you’ll be away laughing in the recovery and energy department.

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Choc Mint Smoothie

As christmas is sprinting towards us, I can’t help but think of chocolate and candy canes! I’m quite the fan of minty things, and chocolate things, and so combining the two I find is quite delightful. I know that for some the thought of chocolate and mint together is awful, as who would want to taint the beauty of chocolate with the taste of toothpaste?! But for those of you who do fancy the combo, I have whipped up a clean eating recipe for a chocolate and mint smoothie, it’s quite rich and very delectable. I hope you enjoy it! Continue reading “Choc Mint Smoothie”

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Breakfast bowls

I have recently discovered a new breakfast fav, and when I say that ‘I’ discovered it, what I mean is that my brilliant friend Steph educated me about the joy of buckwheat and told me about what she often has for breakfast and I err stole her idea, so all credit to her really. I’ve used buckwheat before to mill the groats into flour to make bread and pancakes, but I haven’t really known what to do with the whole groats. Turns out, you don’t have to do much at all with them apart from consume them – as they are or soaked. Buckwheat is gluten free, despite its name suggesting otherwise, and has a nutty feel and taste about it. It’s crunchy – chewy after being soaked – and is generally yummy and filling.

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Peanut butter oaty pancake delight!

Few things can top good ol homemade pancakes. I remember when I was little they were a treat that we would have sometimes after swimming lessons on a Sunday evening – topped with lemon juice and sugar, or golden syrup. Um, yum. There is something quite comforting and homely about pancakes, so it only seems right to be able to enjoy a clean eating version of them. They are yum AND healthy! Such a win.

Hands up who’s a peanut butter fan? I never used to be, I thought it was similar to margarine injected with peanut flavour and I found it super gross. It is now however, something I love (along with all other nut butters!). I like peanut butter with banana, peanut butter with honey, peanut butter with raw chocolate … peanut butter everything!! I opt for the natural variety – usually Pics (local from Nelson) – but it is pretty spendy. It’s a more thrifty option to make your own – I’ll put a post up with a recipe soon! You can buy non-natural brands but unfortunately folks, they aren’t super good for you 🙁 sob.

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And the green blog begins …

I think it’s apt to start this blog journey with my favourite breakfast recipe at the moment. Breakfast is my all-time favourite meal of the day, I think it always has been. Back in the day when I ate gluten and processed this-and-that I would have gladly eaten breakfast three times a day, in fact, during an extremely money-strapped phase living in Paris there was a time when I did eat breakfast three times a day. Oats, in various forms. I can’t say I had a balanced diet but it was pretty yum. My love of oats continues and reminds me daily of my Grandad who has eaten porridge religiously throughout his entire life; food for the heart and soul.

So my latest and greatest breakfast concoction is simple and one that I have become obsessed with as of late – Chia pudding. Yes, pudding for breakfast, need I say more?

This is my fav concoction but you can throw in anything you fancy really, nuts, seeds, oats, fruit etc, make it suit your taste buds.

Chia pudding

1/2c coconut milk – bought is fine, but if you make your own it will be deliciously naturally sweet and the real deal. You can use whatever type of milk you like – I tend to sway towards almond or coconut milk but if you can handle diary (lucky you) then go for it!

1½ – 2 tablespoons of chia seeds

1 tablespoon of cacao nibs (approximately)

½ teaspoon of coconut sugar (if you feel the need)

Throw it all together and give it a mix then pop it into the fridge for it to do it’s ‘thang’ overnight. Top with blueberries (if your penny savvy like myself I buy frozen berries and leave some out overnight to defrost), pumpkin seeds and a dollop of almond butter.

Packed with great fats and protein, it’s a bit of a treat to start the day, and we all need that.

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