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The first time I ever tried kombucha was when I was in Portland in Oregon with my lovely friend Aileen – amazing lady, training to be a doctor and has a heart of gold! Fermented tea to me at that time (almost 4 years ago) did not sound like a good thing – but I was pleasantly surprised and Kombucha has now become one of my most favourite drinks, and one I often crave.

Kombucha is packed full of good probiotic bacteria and is made by fermenting a SCOBY in various types of tea. A SCOBY is an acronym for a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast – sounds delish, right?!  Kombucha is very low in sugar and if you’ve recently been on antibiotics or your gut is just feeling a little lacking, drinking kombucha is a great way to boost your digestive system and up that good bacteria in your gut. I have a few favourite brands that I have often bought including Kombucha King and Good Buzz Brewing Co Booch but recently I gave making it myself a shot!

The recipe below is not one I made up but it’s an easy one that I have been using.

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