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Choc Mint Smoothie

As christmas is sprinting towards us, I can’t help but think of chocolate and candy canes! I’m quite the fan of minty things, and chocolate things, and so combining the two I find is quite delightful. I know that for some the thought of chocolate and mint together is awful, as who would want to taint the beauty of chocolate with the taste of toothpaste?! But for those of you who do fancy the combo, I have whipped up a clean eating recipe for a chocolate and mint smoothie, it’s quite rich and very delectable. I hope you enjoy it!

Choc Mint Smoothie

1/2 cup of cococnut milk – or almond milk or whichever milk you favour (coconut milk will make a thicker drink)

1/2 cup of water

1-2 ice cubes

1 frozen medium sized banana

2 pitted dates

1 heaped tablespoon of cacao – I’m quite liberal with my ‘heap’ so use as much of a mound or as little as you like!

1-2 drops of natural peppermint essence or as long as your blender blends things finely enough, you could throw in a few mint leaves instead.


Put all of the ingredients into your blender except for the peppermint essence/mint leaves, and blend until a smooth liquid. If you use coconut milk the mixture may be a little thicker so feel free to add a little extra water if you’d like a slightly more milky drink. Next add the essence, I’d suggest dropping 1-2 drops in and blend then taste test. Add more to suit your taste but be careful as the essence can very quickly overpower the drink if you add too much!

Pour into a glass and top with some mint leaves and cacao nibs and enjoy! I like this as a bit of a treat when I need a snack, or it’s actually packed with goodness so you can either whip it up the night before and have breakfast on the run, or make it fresh in the morning. Beats and Up&Go any day!

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