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Almond Butter

Almond butter is an absolute favourite of mine. I love it on EVERYTHING. It’s a good alternative to peanut butter (another love) and is also delish stuffed into dates, on apple, mixed into natural yoghurt, dolloped on top of breakfast, chia pudding, in porridge, on toast/crackers – whatever you want really! It’s packed with protein, good fats and is naturally sweet.

I have been spastically busy lately with a mixture of family stuff, friend stuff, health and exercise stuff and work stuff. All of the things. So today I decided I needed some meditative kitchen time to chill out and get my creative on – I’ve been useless with my blog recently, sorry! I really love making nut butters as it’s kind of brilliant really that you can take a raw and natural product of the earth, and with a little time and love, turn it into buttery delight that is so good for you!

Give the below a whirl if you fancy …

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Nourishing bowl goodness

I eat a lot of salad. Like, heaps. It’s weird how much salad I eat, but I find salad so easy, versatile and super yummy, so I classify them as a daily life win. Also, as I spend my days working in an office (sob) I find that eating salad for lunch helps to avoid the afternoon ‘slump’ (although I still wouldn’t say no to a cheeky nap), and I find that I just feel better in general as I have to either sit or stand in one place for a prolonged period of time and I don’t like feeling ‘heavy’ or blergh.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been gallivanting around NZ (sort of) as my brother and his wife have been visiting from mighty America, which has been completely awesome! However, this has meant that between climbing enormous hills above Queenstown and falling into an Ice Bar for a cocktail, I have been out of my usual prep and eating routine, and my body/organs/energy levels are telling me to haul myself back back onto the salad train and kick back into making delish nourishing bowls to up my greens. In saying that, I was the person who rocked up to the family holiday with a giant bottle of homemade green juice – yep, expect nothing less fam-jam!

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