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J’aime le chocolat

I like love chocolate. It is one of the world’s greatest pleasures. A few years ago I lived in Paris and I distinctly remember eating some of the most incredible chocolate from chocolatiers and deciding that I would never again eat processed, commercial chocolate, I would only treat myself to the ‘real’ stuff, that love and time had gone into. Well that resolution lasted all of a few months I think but over the past year I have made a conscious effort to buy less highly processed chocolate, and make more of my own. I know, make your own!! That’s what I thought, and no it’s not by melting chocolate buttons and remoulding them. I’m no saint, every now and then I fall into a packet of m&ms or a bar of Whittakers (yum) – who doesn’t?!– but on the whole, I try to make my own raw chocolate. It’s delicious, ‘real’ and lacks the processed, sugarfied nature of a lot of store bought stuff.

The recipe below is an adaptation from one off the Whole Pantry app – which actually no longer exists. You can make raw chocolate out of cacao butter as well, but I use coconut oil as I think it’s just as good and is a wee bit cheaper.

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Beverages & milks

Green juice, dream juice

If someone had of told me 10 years ago that I would enjoy drinking blended salad in a glass, I would have screwed my face up and disagreed. The phenomenon of green juice that has hit the world with its health and hydration benefits is something to be in awe of.

My version of juice actually is more that of ‘everything blended’ as opposed to juicing and discarding pulp etc. This is partly due to not having a juicer but also I figure I’m able to reap the benefits of the entire fruit/vegetable by just blitzing the whole thing into smithereens.  Continue reading “Green juice, dream juice”

Beverages & milks

Nut milk glory

A base for a bunch of recipes involves nut milk – for me, the process of making nut milk has become one of my favourite things and I never thought I would ever say that I ‘make’ milk from nuts – what the?!

An important process of making nut milk – which I actually avoided for a long time out of sheer laziness – is the activation process. It is key. Without realising nuts used to give my digestive system a bit of a run for its money and since paying attention to people in the health-know out there and activating the nuts I use before turning them into milk – or using them for anything now – I have noticed a HUGE difference in my digestion. I probably look like a mad woman taking a pot of soaked and therefore slightly soggy cashews and almonds to work – fair call – but so worth it.

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